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THE VM/S CLH Kit is a safer, cost effective method of shoulder retraction.

Use The VM/S Cervical Laminectomy Harness Kit to stabilize the head while retracting the shoulders caudally during anterior and posterior spine operations. Itís cost effective and safer than tape for the surgeon and patient.

Anterior and posterior spinal procedures have relied on adhesive tape applied to a patientís shoulders at the beginning of a case for retraction and to allow adequate visualization of the cervical spine on x-ray.

The prolonged shoulder and brachial plexus tension and stretching can lead to skin trauma, allergic reaction and, most notably, post-op brachial plexus injury.

If the tape releases during the case, a surgeon has to apply manual traction and be subjected to an exposure of radiation.

The no-tape solution.

The VM/CV Cervical Laminectomy Harness (CLH) Kit provides a no-tape solution to shoulder retraction problems. Its unique design positions the patient with little or no pressure on the shoulders throughout the case. When retraction is needed, a controlled amount of weight is applied to large, padded tabs across the shoulders that evenly distributes traction weight and reduces focused pressure points.

For Single Use Only. Each CLH Kit is individually packaged and ready-to-use. Sold in 6 unit boxes.



The VM/S Cervical Laminectomy Harness

Kit includes both the

head and shoulder



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