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The simplest solution is still the best solution.

The Prone Positioner™

Help provide soft, even support during prone procedures with the single use, disposable VM/P Prone Positioner™.

The Prone Positioner™ provides even weight distribution while molding around the facial structure to protect eyes, nose and mouth. It features four inch thick foam construction which allows a neutral cervical spine position while on most laminectomy frames.

A slotted side port enables easy access to the endotracheal tube and its open design allows access to confirm clearance and massage contact points to maintain blood flow.

For Single Use Only. Since the Prone Prone Positioner™ is completely disposable and does not require additional hardware, you eliminate both the risk of cross-contamination from reused holders and the the capital investment in extra supporting hardware.

The Prone Positioner™ has been used safely and effectively in more cases than any other prone device on the market.

The Prone Positioner™ is sold in cases of 12 units each.



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