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Coronary Bypass Graft Marker

Item number: #40149

THE VM/CV Coronary By-Pass Marker: Easier to use. Easier to locate and remove.

The VM/CV Coronary By-Pass Graft Marker provides a blue, radiopaque marker that is easier to locate, cut, bend and remove and is suitable for patients requiring MRI.

The VM/CV Coronary By-Pass Graft Marker is applied like traditional markers and features a contrasting color for high visibility in the field plus, it can be cut with scissors and bent for easy removal.

Radiopaque, Ready-To-Use. The compounds used in the Voss Coronary By-Pass Graft Marker meet implantation criteria and are suitable for MRI while providing radiopacity.

For Single Use Only. Each Graft Marker is individually packaged, sterilized and ready-to-use. Sold in 10 unit boxes.

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For pricing and a sample, or to place an order with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, call customer service at 800-247-6294.

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Voss Medical Products introduced our first product, the Prone Positionerâ„¢ in 1985.

The Prone Positionerâ„¢ is priced 40% below similar devices and requires no additional hardware.

It has been used safely and effectively in more cases that any other prone device on the market.

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