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Leg Positioner™

Item number: #L-3902

The VM/P Leg Positioner™ allows both legs to fall naturally into an externally rotated position providing access to the femoral and saphenous veins. Designed for single-use, the Leg Positioner™ eliminates clean up and the risk of cross contaminiation.

The single-piece solution for by-pass surgery vein harvesting.

The VM/P Leg Positioner™

The single-piece foam VM/P Leg Positioner™ utilizes a unique design that naturally positions legs into an externally rotated position for access to the femoral or saphenous veins while helping provide support at most table angles.

Foley Catheter and rectal probes or sensors fit through an access channel in the bottom of the support and tubes, probes and sensors remain in-dwelling as the patient is moved from the operating table.

Because of its single-piece construction, the VM/P Leg Positioner™ is easier to set up and use and sells for about one-half the cost of earlier vein harvesting devices.

For Single Use Only. The VM/P Leg Positioner™ is for single use only which eliminates clean up and the risk of cross-contamination. [CAUTION: Any reuse could potentially cause cross contamination due to soiling foam.]

VM/P Leg Positioners™ are individually compressed, wrapped and shipped in 6 unit cases.

High density foam for support at most table angles. Underside channel and back "V" allow access to Foley Catheter and rectal probe or sensor.

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The simplest solution is the best solution

Voss Medical Products introduced our first product, the Prone Positioner™ in 1985.

The Prone Positioner™ is priced 40% below similar devices and requires no additional hardware.

It has been used safely and effectively in more cases that any other prone device on the market.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with any VM device, you can return any unused portion for a full refund.

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