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Voss Supine™

Item number: #SN-1022

Proposed by Magill in 1910, the "sniffing dog" position is still the best position for intubation. It allows the best view of the glottis.

The simplest solution is still the best solution.

The Voss Supine™

Developed by several renowned anesthesiologists, The Voss Supine™ has been through rigorous testing to develop the perfect angle to aid in airway management; allowing a more visual intubation every time. The Voss Supine™ allows the patient's airway to be completely open while maintaining the head in an optimal position.

The Voss Supine™ is the only device that positions the patient in the exact spot to make intubation easier and safer. Plus, the Voss Supine™ is a fraction of the cost of other devices. Let the Voss Supine™ assist you in your next intubation.

For Single Use Only. Since the Voss Supine™ is completely disposable and does not require additional hardware, you eliminate both the risk of cross-contamination from reused holders and the the capital investment in extra supporting hardware.

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The simplest solution is the best solution

Voss Medical Products introduced our first product, the Prone Positioner™ in 1985.

The Prone Positioner™ is priced 40% below similar devices and requires no additional hardware.

It has been used safely and effectively in more cases that any other prone device on the market.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not completely satisfied with any VM device, you can return any unused portion for a full refund.

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